Wednesday, August 13

The bliss of online shopping :(

There are quilts in my head that need to come out and they involve solid fabrics! Thing is that there are hard to come by here, (I want Kona Cotton)far more expensive than in e.g. the US ánd colour choosing is tricky when all you have is a pc screen..
I searched online for a Kona colour card (no Dutch shops found) and finally found one for a reasonable price in....Germany.
A couple of days after ordering i got an email confirming my purchase. The waiting began. More than a week later (what?!) I got another mail, saying it was sent. It took that long to process my order?? And how much time will have to pass untill the Deutsche Post will deliver it?

When i get the card, I can make sensible colour decisions and make myself a nice palette. Okay, that sounds a little optimistic, but at least it'll give me a better idea of what a colour looks like in real life.I hope.

Then I have to order that palette of fq's/ half a yard. I am a Fabric Shack costumer and am very satisfied with their service, but...they are in the US and it'll take at least 10 days from there to here.

I bet that I'll get all my stuff when summerholiday is over and I'll have to go back to work again :(
(and I still haven't recieved DH new shaving gear that i ordered from a DUTCH company...Sigh)
Update: the shaving stuff company just let me know that the type I wanted is no longer available and do i want my money back?. It took an email saying it was sent(??) 2 weeks of waiting, and an email from me asking what kept my order so long.. jeezzz...

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  1. i have one of those color cards - it is worth its weight in gold - there are just too many different blacks and whites to know which one is gonna work (and don't even get me started on the other colors) ... but i hear you about being in limbo whilst waiting for a package to arrive ... two weeks ago i ordered car seats for the little ones from TARGET and they STILL haven't arrived!!! maybe they are still being assembled in china...