Saturday, August 2

and sew on..

Sven , the Husqvarna, hasn't stopped. The minor adjustments that were made are still sufficient to keep on going. Woopwoop!!
I needed a new bag, and still had a pattern laying aroud from I made things before from her patterns and they are always very clear, with pics for every step.
 2 pockets on the outside, 4 inside
 The lines are on the picture, not on the fabric. It's  polkadotted curtain fabric from Ikea, in solid blue, not with blurred wavy lines.
 Adjustable strap!
And I inserted a plastic bottom (placemats cut up) that were put in places with metal "feet" Also added a snap for closure.
The lining is a red with big white polkadots; what else is new.....

It's roomy, comfy, polkadotted and I love it. Even Baking DD, who thinks all selfsewn bags are yuk and only for silly seniors (like me) likes it. She DOES want one in blue broad stripes (have that fabric ready for her) but she won't take the effort of sewing it (with my assistence :)herself. She will miss out then!

I finally layered the Midnight at the Oasis quilt and made the first painstaking quilting stitches. Ugh, all those tiny patches with loads of seams.
One stitch at the time I guess..

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  1. that bag (which i LURVE!!!) may just make you the official Queen of Polka Dots ... and Midnight continues to be more and more awesome each time you work on it!