Sunday, September 13

End of summer

Harvest time again. We had an early spring storm that blew off all the appleblossom the minute they opened, so I had no high hopes this year, but look!

It is an actual vintage "apple pick basket" that's pretty big

Now, what to do with this loot, knowing all my childeren will come to visit?

 First one of the year. It tasted delicious, take my word for it :)

Next thing is the new project. I found the PERFECT crate in the deep and dark ends of my sewingroom.
Good size too and to top it off, a smaller wooden box to hold all the templates in bags.

So far, I'm sewing a block a day and I agree with every " Farmer's Wife": it's very addictive.....
 Today block 10 "box" and 11 "bowtie" are on the list.
Time to put the warm slippers on, get my little crate within reach and select fabrics.


  1. now THOSE are some cute slippers!!!

    no apples at all on either of my apple trees this year - last year i couldn't keep up with them (we're still eating applesauce) and then we had a severe temperature drop that set back all of the trees - so you'll just have to enjoy those apples for both of us...

    love the Farmer's Wife blocks - i like to keep all of my long-term work in an awesome container, too, cuz that makes it even more of a treat when i take it out to work on the goodies inside...

  2. We had a lot of apples this year too. Your slippers are great!