Saturday, September 19

I kept my promise...

...and cycled to work every day (except on fridays when I do my groceryshopping) Downside is, that the minute I step out of the door, it starts to rain. Sometimes just drizzling, sometimes it poured. So I also got wet every day:( So I bought a raincoat and sweatpants. The coat to wear on the bike, the pants to change when stepping out of soaked jeans after I get home.
Another promise to myself was to sew a farmer's wife block a day.
First week:
 and last week...

While sewing, it came to mind, that it might be a good idea to sash-as-you-go. Otherwise I'll be adding sashing for ages. I've been told that there are 198. Organising is a good idea as well and an excellent excuse to buy another matching wooden box to keep sashings and cornerstones. I plan to cut these a bunch at a time. 
One box for templates, one for sashings and cornerstones...Looks good to me!
And for something completely different and for Whovians only: Look what DD and I came across in Birmingham!!!!
 OMG the Doctor IS real! He parked his Tardis at the BBC for safe keeping while out on an adventure, probably saving the world. By the looks of it, he really needs to get going again to get rid of all the dust..
 We also saw a Dalek. Though the sign said it was old, it was scary nonetheless.
Luckily the blue light didn't light up and we didn't get exterminated.....
Yep, both DD's and I LOVE Dr Who and we cannot wait to watch the first episode of the new season TONIGHT. Must say that I'm still not thrilled about Peter Capaldi being the Doctor, but that's no surprise after Matt Smith and David Tennant (my fav).
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor dr Who

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