Sunday, September 27

Sunny summer weekend!

And so we thought summer was over. Dreary grey days and rain almost every day. Untill this weekend! Sunshine all day, great temperature...and i enjoyed every minute:)
DH and I did long overdue chores in the garden and took coffee and lunchbreaks outside with sun on our faces. Best thing is that this weather will last coming week!
Playing with plants was on the to-do list too

There was also stuff going on at the sewing front. My wooden boxes multiplyed (now how did that happen??) and the latest addition has the perfect size for my farmer's wife blocks.
 How great was my epiphany to sash-as-you-go. Sashing the 14 blocks I already made, was boring and took a lot of time.
Here are blocks 15-21, sashed and all!
Baking DD spent 2 days in Berlin with school. I found out she knows absolutely nothing about the city, nor the country, nor the language. I wonder where all the money for her eductation went LOL.
So we decided to go to Berlin together during autumnbreak, as a present for her 25th birthday. I'm sooo looking forward to that trip! First time Baking DD and I go together, just the two of us ánd Berlin is a great city with lots to see. Only 4 weeks to go! ( that's 28 FW blocks haha!!)

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  1. we could use some rain - yesterday the temps rose past 90!!! hot and dry and no fun to be outside ... your FW blocks are so fun - and their boxes are almost as awesome as they are!