Monday, March 15

Corrine's online!

After much persuation, neighbourfriend C, finally started her own weblog. Ha! I did not only infect her with the quiltpox, but also with the bloggerbug!.
She's, as I typ this, sitting next to me, making her very first post. She writes in Dutch, but added a translater button on her sidebar. (and she's already experiencing that blogger doesn't always do what you want..)~Her blog is called after her fav colours: Purple and Pink. Go and say 'hi" as an encouragement :)
This is a quilt I made for her birthday last year, representing her
Have fun in Blogland C!


  1. Awesome that Corrine is on board with blogging now! How hard did you have to "twist" her arm? lol!

  2. Dapper! Ik ga meteen een kijkje nemen.

  3. I love this little quilt
    every time I see this "lady" it just makes me smile...

  4. I love the little quilt, I must make one for my wall, it's so happy.

  5. Love the quilt you made for Corrine!

  6. I see you got the book and made your own garden lady. My quilt is finally at the quilters. Can't wait to get it back.