Friday, March 5

Starting over....

Due to an oncontrolable amount of spam I tried to change my emailaccount and something went terribly wrong: I accidentally deleted my blog.
I freaked out ofcourse, but what's done is done and there's nothing left to do than to take a very deep breath and start over.......
Loosing the blogaddress also means loosing all my followers, contacts etc. I sent out an email to the ones I could find, informing them that i had to change the blogaddress by adding an extra "m" to carpe-quiltemm. Hate that, but it's no use crying over spilled milk now is it?
I would like to ask everyone who's reading this and had my blog in their sidebar, to please be so kind as to change the address on your own blog.
I don't want to be lost!


  1. Wow that SUCKS!!! I found you again (I know you are saying, darn it!!) What is your new email? I tried to reply to you and I keep getting it bounced back.

  2. You are not lost to me Ann!!! What a pitty about loosing everything! I would definitely freak out too!!! I'm sure you tried everything to retrieve it... But like you said, no use crying over spilled milk now...
    Going to Las Vegas Sunday... will contact when I get back!
    Take care...

  3. Hi Annamiek, What an awful thing to happen! I really depend on my blog to be secure. I thought there was a way to restore it. Thanks for letting me know. I will re-list your new address!

  4. I wondered where you went and now I found you again....yeah!!!

  5. beetje smal , heb die van corrine aangepast.
    groetjes de buurman -)