Wednesday, March 17

New casualty..

A while back a relative (she's married to DH's cousin) ask me to teach her how to make a quilt. I overloaded her with books and websites so she could look around and see what she liked, fabricwise and such.
Shortly after she emailed me saying that she signed up for a beginnersclass. After answering her questions by mail and a visit to teach her how to quilt, I invited het yesterday to come and spent an evening quilting with C and I. Her very first project is in the quilting stage:
A second bedsized quilt is designed, fabrics are bought and the first blocks are sewn. A third wallhanging project is chosen and those fabrics will be brought into her house soon, I guess! I told her that, before long, her DH will have to buy her a fabric chest. She says that it won't come to that ,but we ALL know better, don't we!!  

The second project will be a bedsized quilt for her DS. She made a great design (sorry, forgot to take a pic!) with Japanese signs inbetween the pieced blocks. The signs together mean 'good night". Looks wonderfull, but.....this involves appliqué. I promised to look into it and need an advice. Raw edge? Iron on interfacing? Needleturn? it do-able or is it too difficult??
This is one of the signs
                                                                                                                                                         Anyone with a great idea or expertize on appliqué??

Youngest DD went to a craftfair with C and I last saturday. She loves baking and I bought her (much wanted) foodcolouring for icing. Yesterday she made turquoise cookies and now she baked a completely slightly flat cake with BRIGHT orange buttercream on a pink plate. Some days dieting is só easy...


  1. LOVE your response to the colorful food!

  2. A wonderful first quilt your relative has made! Good for her! Next thing you know you will have her blogging too!!! And she WILL have a stash before she knows it!!! That quilt bug is going around!!!
    I'd suggest your relative applique be done as iron on and machine appliqued... just my thought. 8-)
    Love your humor with DD's creations! 8-)

  3. heb je niet eens een foto van marens baksels op je blog, daar was ik eigenlijk wel benieuwd naar :P

  4. Hihi wij kregen een turkoise taart met paarse matroesjka's op week end. We hebben een paar fantastische baksters in de groep. Is even wennen qua kleur maar hij was heerlijk!
    Je familielid heeft het virus te pakken denk ik. Die stoffenkast komt eerstdaags vanzelf. Haar eerste quilt is alvast een plaatje!