Monday, March 15

Jellyroll sampler block 2

I was just hanging on the couch, surfing the net a bit and wanted to get up to grab a quilt and take a nap. Then it hit me: the second block of the Jellyrol quilt-a-long was going to be posted today! No napping: I moved my lazy butt to the sewingroom :) Now where did I put those scraps i used last time.....
This is how the block is supposed to look

But I already have a problem with authority. Omg and it's only the second block.. I did not like the way this looked. I get the design idea but it's not what I like and after all: it's going to be MY sampler. You wouldn't want me in a quiltclass for I have a mind of my own and do not want to sew everythig that somebody else tells me too. I quickly sent both pics to Quiling DD to hear what she had to say. She agreed and so this is going to be my block 2.                                                                                                                          

Now I need to sew it together, post a pic on Flickr and I'm done! Easy peasy:)    
And tadáááá it is! Feel free to enlarge the picture. This is a rather perfect block if I say so myself *lol* All the seams match extremely well and I didn't have to use the seamripper once. I'm getting pretty good at this machinepiecing thing!                                                                                                                            
Yes I'm a show off:)

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  1. You rebel show off you :o) Very bright and pretty block.