Wednesday, June 2

Can you handle one more???

I'm not sure if I can! Neither do  know where this sudden bag addiction comes from. but.......there's one more to show. Perhaps i'll better change my blog name into "baglady" It's probably a passing thing and Quiltmaking will call my name again soon. What else must I do during summerholidays? I cannot take my machine with me on the motorbike, so I have to come up with a (hand)sewing project soon! Perhaps sooner than I anticipated: my Husq is at the dealer's for maintenance and I found that the poor guy is in the hospital with kidneystones. (I could continue on C's machine that she left  in MY sewingroom..)
Okay, ready? Here it comes!

And another "valisette". It seems I'm unable to make just ONE                                                                   

(if I label this post "bags", that word will be huge in my wordcloud. I'm thinking of cheating and just label this "quilts". It IS quilting fabric after all..)


  1. Love the black & white Annemiek! The ducky one is great too! You are a busy gal! 8-)

  2. Hihi jij verslaafd aan tassen!! Ze zijn wel erg leuk, ook weer je eigen patroon?

  3. Love your handbags, Miss Baglady! hehehehe! They are both lovely.