Saturday, June 19

The Beep

Warning: big rant!
As I posted a while ago: I have a beep in my ear. It's official name is "Tinnitus", but I like to call it the Beep. It's basicly a constant ringing in my leftear. I can ignore it most of the time, although it IS a nuisance.

Last wednesday, however, the Beep all of a sudden turned into a screeking zombie. this too is not uncommon and usually dissapears after a while. Not this time. The zombie was here to stay. Thursday I woke up with a slightly deaf leftear and the screeking. At work I got nosebleeds FOUR times and after 3 hours my left ear was completely deaf and started to hurt and sounds were deforming. That was when I panicked. Called DH, he called the hospital and the doc could see me. Pfff!

The doc however, had no explanation why the Beep turned into the Zombie and why I couldn't hear. It was, she said, probably because I was fixed on the Beep and I should seek distraction. Play some music, she said. OMG!! The nosebleeds were caused by high bloodpressure, because I was stressing out.
NO! I got increasing hearing/ear problems and THEN I freaked out, not the other way around. I might be deaf, but she was not listening!!
She said my ear looked fine and I told her I wanted to stick a knitting pen in it. Then she ask if I had any hobby's (again distraction) and my answer was that i like to fondle fabrics.
She called the cavalry after that:
Friday a call from a psygologist: he wanted to make an emergency appointment. No. thank you
Then a social worker for again an emergency appointment. No, thank you too
Then an audiologist specialized in the Beep: Oké, that could be an answer to my questions!
An MRI is scheduled and an E.N.G. (something to do with my balance in the ear) so I'll be spending lots of time in the hospital in the hope that someone can behead my zombie.

I called in sick (can't hear what anyone is ordering and that's very inconvenient for a caterer) and look for the right distraction. I'm making pies and cupcakes. C's collegues are into baking and they wanted "something" with tarts. (C sells all I/we sew lately 'lol')


  1. That darned beep/zombie sounds just awful. I hope they can figure out what it is and help you get over it soon. Maybe a little retail therapy would help??

  2. And every time I use the key...I carved?

  3. Wat een ellende zeg. Het is tegenwoordig eenvoudiger om een retourtje naar de maan te boeken dan om een diagnose te stellen. Heb je je oren als eens laten uitspuiten? Maar de piep hoeft natuurlijk niet in je oren te zitten maar kan evengoed ergens anders zitten terwijl jij hem wel hoort. Niet opgeven hoor, en ga desnoods voor een second opinion naar Belgie. Daar zijn ze toch wat sneller dan hier en veel gerichter. (In mei was het 5 jaar geleden dat de neurolooog beloofde me binnen 3 weken te bellen na overleg met collega's. Ik wacht nog steeds.... en binnen die drie weken was ik in Belgie al geholpen!)Sterkte, het lijkt me een ellendig probleem.

  4. Annemiek, ik hoop dat ze je snel kunnen vertellen wat het is en bovenal dat je ze ervan af kunnen helpen!
    Vraag: waar heb je de patroontjes voor het gebak vandaan?
    Alvast bedankt!

    Nellie v. H.

  5. a psychologist, a social worker, and a BEEP specialist walk into a bar ... i know, i know - it isn't funny, but your rant had me cracking up ... kinda makes you wonder where the doctor is keeping her LOGIC BONE these days, huh?

  6. Ik hoop dat het weer wat beter met je beep en zombie gaat. Het lijkt me vreselijk om steeds een geluid te moeten horen.

    De sleutelhangers zijn geweldig, verkopen jullie ze niet of heb je misschien een patroontje?

  7. Oh my gosh Annemiek! What a problem to have! Very annoying to say the least, but this Zombie sounds unnerving!!!
    Love the key-chains you and C are making! C is not keeping up with her blog... I think she needs a poke!! 8-)