Friday, June 4

I won????

Coming home on friday after an exhausting week, randomly surfing some blogs in my list and all of a sudden there's my name . I won a give-away at! (great blog, go check it out!)
I never ever won anything in my life except for an incomplete jigsaw puzzle when I was 11 years old. Really never before and never again.
What did I win? Well that's the most amazing and funny part: I'm in the bagmode, I love black/white, I'm addicted to polkadots and look at my "prize"

This is too much for a coïnsidence. I think I'd better lay down for a while.....

(and thank you so much Cathy!)

Can my weekend get any better? Yes it can! Check this post:
I had a lousy week, but now I'm actually moved by the kindness of Dianne and Lulu :)
And the icing on the cake? My husqvarna dealer called to say that my machine is ready to come home and Quilting DD to tell me that she's coming over tomorrow. Life isn't so bad at ALL!


  1. Geweldig, proficiat en dan win je ook nog een tas (lol)

  2. Leuk Annemiek
    Weer een tas erbij, je had er nog niet genoeg.

    Kun je snachts nog wel slapen want je bruist van de ideeen en energie

    Doei, Monique

  3. Oh my, you really are bag crazy! You have so many cute ones on your blog, and now you won a bag! Nice going!

  4. Well, congratulations!! I never win anything either but I did enter Cathy's giveaway! I'm so glad you won her gorgeous bag!! Black and white is such a great combination, isn't it?

  5. You brighten my day Annemiek! Gefeliciteerd met het winnen van die mooie tas. Maar ondertussen krijg ik bijna de slappe lach......

  6. I thought I had commented here already!?! Hmmmm....?
    You lucky lady! The bag is wonderful!
    Cute post by Dianne and Lulu... lol! 8-)

  7. Such a wonderful bag... Love it!

  8. Dat had ik al gezien, hij past perfect bij je, geluksvogel!