Tuesday, June 29


I can't comment on several blogs. There's no word verification visible and a message appears saying: this service is not available. Same thing with answering a comment: microsoft detected a problem, do you wish to sent/not sent a failure report.. Is it MY laptop or connection that's acting up or has anyone else the same problem, I wonder. I'm sure it'll pass as sudden as it appears but for now I cannot answer any comments. Perhaps better luck tomorrow!

So, for those who asked: an update on my Béép adventures..
The Zombie is beheaded, (HALLELUJAH). I have the usual Beep, which is a huge relief. The Zombie vanished 3 days ago, slowly but surely.

I went for an E.N.G. (electro nystagmo grafie, in Dutch) today. You have to look at light dots and they put warm and cold water in your ears, with great force, I can add. It's to check your balance, because i had dizzy spells and was "out" 2 times. Well, you sure get VERY dizzy when they spritz the water in your ears!!
I felt completely drunk for 2 hours after!
Now i'm oké with 2 sore ears but the important thing is that I do NOT have Meniere's disease and that it's oké to get on the motorbike, so we can plan another roadtrip heading south.
The 6th of July a MRI is scheduled and I'm going to do a "Tinnitus Retraining Therapy" probably late August.
Why the Beep became a Zombie isn't clear, but I'm happy now it's gone.
Thanks to those who asked about my health, it's appreciated a lot!!!


  1. Gelukkig dat je weer je gewone zelf bent.
    Ik heb ook al een tijdje problemen met Blogger. Moet steeds opnieuw inloggen om een reactie te versturen en krijg vaak foutmeldingen. Altijd weer spannend of het lukt.

  2. Glad to hear that the Zombie has subsided for you Annemiek... I hope it stays that way for you!!!
    My friend lives with the beep also, gets very annoying for her at times...
    Take care!