Wednesday, June 16

Happy dance :)

When I came home today, there was a parcel on  my doormat..I opened the envelop before I got my camera but on the other hand, an envelop is not that interesting. What's inside is what matters and look: it's wrapped in fabric and has a bow! Ahhhh...
..and there it is: the give away I won!
Cathy had more surprises for me: a very nice card with a dear message in it and a bonus inside the pretty pretty bag: a tape measure.
I love this one! It's not only a nice one, but it has a cord so you can hang it around your neck ánd a magnet on the back. My DH attatched a magnet strip (Ikea ofcourse) just the other week above my sewing table, because I always loose stuff while fondling fabric

See? this give away WAS meant for me!!! Thanks again Cathy, I'm doing a happy dance!!

(Everyone should check Cathy's blog btw,, she made an absolute gorgeous and stunning mozaikquilt!!)


  1. Hi Annemiek! Congratulations on your win. Your handbag is beautiful and I love the black and white prints.
    Thank you for dropping by my blog and for your sweet comments. Take care!

  2. Wat leuk Annemiek dat je zo blij bent met je kadootje.
    En alle lof ook voor haar die het heeft gemaakt.

    Geniet ervan en show de tas de volgende keer maar eens.

    Doei, Monique

  3. Awesome goodies there Annemiek!!! I hope to acquire a magnetic storage system at some point...