Sunday, October 17

Alive too (sort of)

After the magical revival of my laptop it has been very quiet here. Reason? Being unable to revive myself! I try but after work I'm kinda dead and energy levels remain low in the weekends.
This morning someone phoned me to ask if I could read my emails (and ofcourse answer them!) and to my amazement I saw that even C revived her blog and actually posted! Omg! Some of you asked if I could kick her butt ,but problem is that C is loosing a lot of weight and therefor the target is getting smaller every week. I guess yesterday I was succesfull *lol*
We went to a quiltshow together, organised to celebrate the 5th birthday of this quiltshop. The quiltshop is hers and the attatched restaurant his

We had to walk to different locations in order to see all 380 (!) quilts. The old village Woudrichem is lovely...

Woudrichem is located where two of our great rivers meet. Lots of boats and we even saw one that was transformed onto a castle. And yes, it's a horse on the upper deck!

Afterwards we enjoyed the best clubsandwich ever:) ofcourse accompanied with a cappucino...

Other quilty stuff that happened in the past weeks? I bought a new sewingmachine!

It's a Husqvarna Sapphire 875 quilt. Quilting DD got my "old" one and she already sent me a pic of her sewing like mad. She's happy and so am I..


  1. Gosh what a lovely place!! A new sewing machine....this means we will be seeing lots of new finishes? LOL


  2. I always love going on trips with you :o) Beautiful scenery! Congrats on the new sewing machine.

    I hope you get your energy back soon...I'm still waiting on mine to return to

  3. i love going on your trips, too ... and your new machine is a relative of Sven's and Lily's (they are Vikings, too - Auntia and i love our machines)

    it isn't too late for October - we still have half the month to get our groove on

  4. Ik geloof dat iemand jou butt ook gekickt heeft ;-) Woudrichem is leuk he. Ik ben er verleden jaar geweest. Toen we weggingen begon het te schemeren en het was/leek zo romantisch.
    En wat heb je je met een mooie machine verwend. Ik wed dat handwerk eerstdaags verleden tijd is!

  5. Wow! A new machine!!! Good for you Annemiek!!! 8-)