Tuesday, October 5

It's alive!!!

My poor crashed laptop was put in a closet after it's meltdown. This evening DH took it out to see if he could save (parts) of the harddisk. I didn't expect much of this rescue, but one can hope..
To our amazement the Toshiba made feeble sounds after being plugged in and oh HALLELUJA:
it revived itself. The screen lit up, Windows appeared and it worked again as if it had never died.

 I am sceptical about unexplained miraclous revivals, so I immediately made a backup of my important files on the external harddisk.
Meanwhile, I'll do a happy dance and enjoy while it lasts. Yeey!


  1. Woo Hoo!! These things never happen, maybe it's afraid of the dark and putting it in a closet made it see reason :0)


  2. I liked what Crispy said about it being afraid of the dark. It's a wonder why some things happen, but this was 'a good thing'.

  3. maybe ... maybe it was waiting for september to go away, too! and now every little thing is gonna be all right...

  4. wow, that is good news! Lucky you could save stuff just in case of a computer relapse!

  5. Wow! How weird is that, but a great kink of weird!!! Good stuff! 8-)

  6. Ongelooflijk. In ieder geval heeft het jou ook wakker geschud ;-)