Sunday, October 3

Autumn depression.. what happened to september I guess. No energy left after work,nasty cold , being a couchpotatoe and even my hair lost all curly bits. Being a bad blogger and a bad quilter. I got myself a new Mp3 player and only listened to sad ballads. O my, this really sounds depressing now I write it down! Luckily Myra sent me a wake-up email asking why my blog remained so quiet!
 So, what else did I do last month but feeling sorry for myself without any reason???

I did sew another row of blocks for the propellor quilt. The last one; now i have to applique lots of circles in the centre of the blocks (if I can remember where i put the template..), then machine piece a border of leftover dotted strips and another top is done.

C is back from her Florida trip. She had a great time and came back with a ridiculous tan that made us all look extremely pale. She forgot our shoppinglist (tsk!) but luckily her memory is waaay better than mine.

As you can see I now have the Angler 2 for accurate machine piecing without having to mark every square by hand. My ruler won't slip anymore after attaching Invisigrip and paperpiecing and applique will improve with Steam a seam and foundationpaper.
C also bought us both a quilter's awl as a third hand while machine piecing. She also remembered that there's a Caleidoscope quilt in my head and got me a ruler for that.

I also spent lots of time thinking of a new sewing machine. I have a simple Husqvarna that I want to give to Quilting DD and have my mind set on a Husqvarna Sapphire 875. Searched the net and joined a yahoo Husq. Sapphire group. Now I'm looking for a good sewingmachine dealer; my "old" one is an unfriendly man who's annoying me big time.

Dh is still mourning his lost red bike. He's trying to revive his black Honda Magna but it's not roaring(yet) as it's supposed too. He went to see another red one but came home saying that it wasn't the one. He'll find one, I'm sure.

Happy days lay ahead; a shopping spree with Quilting DD, the birthday of Baking DD and a day filled with quilts with C. Only 3 more weeks of work before it's Autumn holiday and I have a whole week off again, so who's complaining?


  1. Ik wilde net gaan mailen waar je was, maar gelukkig je bent er nog. C heeft je wel heel erg verwend, veel teveel *lol*. Ik ben eens benieuwd of DH ooit zijn geliefde motor vindt.

  2. Certain times of the year do get us down. For me, September means fall and the start of the long winter with lots of lovely quilting :o) I'm happy to see you back into the swing of things!!


  3. Herfstdepressie? Nee toch, ik leef op omdat mijn zomerdepressie eindelijk voorbij is! Cheer up girl, het is prachtig weer, warm genoeg voor een terrasje en fris genoeg om nog iets te doen.
    Wat heerlijk als een quiltende buuf Amerika bezoekt. Je kunt dan altijd bijzondere presentjes verwachten. C. heeft zo te zien veel aan je gedacht. Ik begrijp alleen die Angle nog steeds niet. Heb er al vaker over gehoord, maar ik naai al 45 jaar op machines en kan me niets bij het hulpstuk voorstellen. Please, leg eens uit....
    BTW Rijkers in Veghel schijn erg goed te zijn.

  4. Looks like C did a great job remembering what you wanted/needed. Good for her. Now you better get to work using all your gifts!!

  5. i thought that september was kinda icky, too ... but it is gone and now we can both get on with autumn, huh?

    the propellers are way cool ... uplifting, even!