Friday, October 29

Getting to know one another

Part of the last week I spent with my new friend to be: the new sewing machine. In order to get to know him/her(?) we need to spent time together. I came across a not-average christmasquilt in the latest McCalls issue and I thought I had just the right fabrics for it. Well I had: a few fq's. So....first job was to go to the quilshop and see if I could find some more..
Then back to the machine. I cut up some fabrics and sewed a little and found that my new friend is talking to me on it's display: your bobbin is almost empty (uhhh, no..) there's a piece of thread running around in the feeddogs (?? o yes, thanks) there's no needle ( duh! I just broke it!) I talk back out loud.

Is it the same with you that, whenever you start a new project, you shove everything on your table aside, and then you find yourself working on a small clutterfree corner of that table?
After an hour or so it  started to annoy me. Couldn't find my seamripper, the machine's manual, my rotarycutter. It annoyed me BIG TIME! So...desperate times ask for desperate measures!
I found 2 dead spiders and 3 dead flies, €2.25, piles of dust and 2 buttons.
Then I could sit and sew some more in peace with myself.
Look what is growing on my wall!
My machine stopped talking to me. Is it crossed 'cause I talk back? Did I push a button saying "to talk or not to talk"? Back to the manual!


  1. or maybe your machine stopped talking cuz he (she?) doesn't have anything NICE to say ... i talk to Sven (MY machine - he's a boy), even though he doesn't talk to me (except for sometimes clunking when he is particularly displeased) ...... feel free to come and clean up my sewing room - i know there's no money hiding in there, but i'll let you keep all of the dust bunnies

    i LOVE your apple sweaters!!!

  2. I love how this is turning out. Great job!

  3. Sometimes I wish my machine could talk to me...yours tells you when the bobbin is almost out??? Lucky! Haven't you ever sewn a mile only to discover that you did it with an empty bobbin? LOL I do it...all the time!

    Cute Christmas made a lot of progress!

  4. You certainly are zipping along on this project!! It's always fun to find good things when tidying up...though bugs are not good LOL.


  5. Looks like a great quilt coming along. I am sorry to hear it no longer talks to you... pour you!

  6. I look forward to seeing more of this quilt... Hope your machine is talking again...