Wednesday, October 20

Commercial break..

On occasion I like to wear a skirt or a dress. During Autumn or winter I need a panty underneath. A thicker one, to hide ugly vains. Yesterday I bought a new one and it's unbelievable what it does for you. It regulates heath, reduces the upper part of you legs, firms your butt, softens the legs 'cause there's Aloë Vera in it. (I thought that was a cream?) It has "micromassage for your legs" and gives you a better sillouette all in all.
Can you believe this? I do! (note: I believed anti wrinkle daycream commercials for years..)So I bought one yesterday, put it on,  and went back to the store today and got another 3.
At least it has a good fitt. Normally the are either so short legged that only a gnoom can get in, ór you can pull them up so high they reach your armpitt. When you cut a small hole under the waistband for your arms, you have a bodystocking.
This one fitts. It stays all day where I put them in the morning. It's German, made in Europe and available at the Lidl store for €3. Go get one!

What a pity I do not own a full size mirror. Therefor I cannot show a pic of my beautifull shaped legs in the new panty and a denim miniskirt. You'll have to take my word for it that I look absolutely fabulous.


  1. I bet you look wonderful in them :0) My mini skirt days have been over for around 40 years now LOL.


  2. Ja ja ik geloof de reclame's niet altijd. Maar ik wil die fot van jou in rokje wel eens zien.

  3. Nou het klopt hoor...Ik heb me toch een slanke buuf! :-)

  4. Wauw
    Misschien moet ik dan ook eens op pad naar de lidl.

    Enne ............. bedankt voor het appeljasje.
    Echt kei leuk en precies mijn kleuren.

    Ik sta altijd open voor die nieuwe hebbedingetjes.

    Bedankt, Monique

  5. Oh wat lijkt me dat heerlijk: een panty waar je alle ongeregelds in kunt weg stoppen. Op naar de Lidl. Zijn de kousen lang genoeg? Kruis niet tussen de knieen?

  6. I'm with Crispy, no mini skirts here. Glad you found something you are so happy with.

  7. MMM. since last winter I turned to leggings and I don't think I will ever go back to panty's...