Tuesday, March 30

Pouch mania

You know the saying that time flies when you're having fun. Well, I have been busy for sure!
First we celebrated the 22th birthday of BikerSon with the best cake ever and a surprise diner/party, all organised, cooked etc. by his sisters (not the cake, but they prepared a complete buffet for the guests!)

Before and after the weekend I made lots of the zippered pouches. As i said, they are quite addictive :)

I made the blue and red ones twice, and gave 3 away as a present. One red one contains all my hairpins and such, a plaid one is in my dresser and another red is halfway done for Quilting DD. Tomorrow evening I promised to teach Quilting neighbour...The tutorial link to Janet's blog is added in the sidebar. I also bought a zipper for a pencilcase. Now that the zipperphobia is gone, there's no stopping me! Meanwhile I practiced machinestippling on the pouches.When quilting straight lines, the fabric shifted a lot, so perhaps I'd better save some money for a walkingfoot.
The 3rth JellyRoll Quilt-a-long block was posted yesterday (link in sidebar) but to be honest ,I don't like it very much ,so I haven't made it yet. I'm a bit concerned that the blocks will not make a coherent quilt in the end. I will sew the block ofcourse, but probably not today!

Monday, March 22

Give away

I came across a great give-away and immediately signed up! It's at http://www.abbeylanequilts.blogspot.com/ and the occasion is "national quilter's day" We declared that day international: C and I spent a whole evening chatting and quilting.

 Isn't this a cute threadcatcher/pincushion? Abbeylane is also giving away one of their great patterns.

I never ever won a give-away so I'll probably have to order at least the pincushion..:) But..you'never know; maybe I'm lucky!

Last sunday afternoon I spent sewing. I had to try the tutorial you can find at Janet's blog, designed for zipper fobics like me..

I'm not alltogether satisfied so I'll have to make another one :) No big deal since I went to the weekly market and came home with some flowerfabrics at bargainprice. (don't you love bargain-price-fabrics in ONE sentence??? I know I do!!) I found even cheaper polkadots so I'll definately visit the booth again. For now I have a new ZIPPERED makeup pouch!

Wednesday, March 17

New casualty..

A while back a relative (she's married to DH's cousin) ask me to teach her how to make a quilt. I overloaded her with books and websites so she could look around and see what she liked, fabricwise and such.
Shortly after she emailed me saying that she signed up for a beginnersclass. After answering her questions by mail and a visit to teach her how to quilt, I invited het yesterday to come and spent an evening quilting with C and I. Her very first project is in the quilting stage:
A second bedsized quilt is designed, fabrics are bought and the first blocks are sewn. A third wallhanging project is chosen and those fabrics will be brought into her house soon, I guess! I told her that, before long, her DH will have to buy her a fabric chest. She says that it won't come to that ,but we ALL know better, don't we!!  

The second project will be a bedsized quilt for her DS. She made a great design (sorry, forgot to take a pic!) with Japanese signs inbetween the pieced blocks. The signs together mean 'good night". Looks wonderfull, but.....this involves appliqué. I promised to look into it and need an advice. Raw edge? Iron on interfacing? Needleturn? And...is it do-able or is it too difficult??
This is one of the signs
                                                                                                                                                         Anyone with a great idea or expertize on appliqué??

Youngest DD went to a craftfair with C and I last saturday. She loves baking and I bought her (much wanted) foodcolouring for icing. Yesterday she made turquoise cookies and now she baked a completely slightly flat cake with BRIGHT orange buttercream on a pink plate. Some days dieting is só easy...

Monday, March 15

Corrine's online!

After much persuation, neighbourfriend C, finally started her own weblog. Ha! I did not only infect her with the quiltpox, but also with the bloggerbug!.
She's, as I typ this, sitting next to me, making her very first post. She writes in Dutch, but added a translater button on her sidebar. (and she's already experiencing that blogger doesn't always do what you want..)~Her blog is called after her fav colours: Purple and Pink. Go and say 'hi" as an encouragement :)
This is a quilt I made for her birthday last year, representing her
Have fun in Blogland C!

Jellyroll sampler block 2

I was just hanging on the couch, surfing the net a bit and wanted to get up to grab a quilt and take a nap. Then it hit me: the second block of the Jellyrol quilt-a-long was going to be posted today! No napping: I moved my lazy butt to the sewingroom :) Now where did I put those scraps i used last time.....
This is how the block is supposed to look

But I already have a problem with authority. Omg and it's only the second block.. I did not like the way this looked. I get the design idea but it's not what I like and after all: it's going to be MY sampler. You wouldn't want me in a quiltclass for I have a mind of my own and do not want to sew everythig that somebody else tells me too. I quickly sent both pics to Quiling DD to hear what she had to say. She agreed and so this is going to be my block 2.                                                                                                                          

Now I need to sew it together, post a pic on Flickr and I'm done! Easy peasy:)    
And tadáááá....here it is! Feel free to enlarge the picture. This is a rather perfect block if I say so myself *lol* All the seams match extremely well and I didn't have to use the seamripper once. I'm getting pretty good at this machinepiecing thing!                                                                                                                            
Yes I'm a show off:)

Sunday, March 7


A post a day..keeps the doctor away! If I post as frequent as I can, I'm up to a 100 posts easy peasy!
browsing through my picture folder I found this one, taken at te quiltshow I went to the other day.
For Dutch quilters this one! The word "quilt" horribly misspelled at a booth nearby the Quiltersmarket. The man probably thought he could lure some of the women in but he sadly failed!
And look what's on my dinnertable: a touch of spring!

Saturday, March 6

The day after....

I woke up this morning with a pounding headache. I guess I realized overnight what had happenend and how important my blog was to me. Funny that you only see that after it's gone.
But, enough whining, let's post to fill this empty void!!
Remember my Dutch quilt?

I put a pic on a Dutch messageboard and it turned out that Martine is making the same quilt. She and I swapped a fabric and now I have a genuine "Staphorster Stip" . It was a bit tricky to rip a square out of an already pinned quilt but I managed to sew it in with, I might add, perfect corners *lol*
(if you check her blog, she  bought gorgeous tone-on-tone chintz yesterday!)

As you can see I even had enough fabric to cut 2 triangles!
The fabric is hand"printed". The people make their own stamps (can be nails in a cork) and the dye is really ón the fabric which is a very shiny black. I love it!

Neighbourfriend C felt very sorry about what happened to my blog and she had a little present for me. Look what's dangling on my purse: a red polkadotted, wooden Matrushka. Its for good luck says C....

Note: my email address is to be found in my profile and as Marjolijn pointed out: in my previous post I forgot the .com                                                                                                                                        

Friday, March 5

Lost and found!

Now I'm over the first shock, an update: my witch hoovers again thanks to DS. And I'm found by Myra and Pam. Yeey!
Next problem is that I can't log in at Gmail, but hopefully that's a hick-up.
All this mess started when I wanted to install a new email address and delete the old. My new email is:
carpequiltem@gmail  Pam: I got your email so don't know why it bounced back, just can't answer it right now. Yes it sucks big time. If I'd post all the things I'd said and thought it would be an "adult acces only" blog. *lol*
I really don't recall what was exactly on my sidebar, so I'll put the basics back like an email button and a list of fav blogs. Now first a well deserved cup of coffee :) and then back to work!

Starting over....

Due to an oncontrolable amount of spam I tried to change my emailaccount and something went terribly wrong: I accidentally deleted my blog.
I freaked out ofcourse, but what's done is done and there's nothing left to do than to take a very deep breath and start over.......
Loosing the blogaddress also means loosing all my followers, contacts etc. I sent out an email to the ones I could find, informing them that i had to change the blogaddress by adding an extra "m" to carpe-quiltemm. Hate that, but it's no use crying over spilled milk now is it?
I would like to ask everyone who's reading this and had my blog in their sidebar, to please be so kind as to change the address on your own blog.
I don't want to be lost!