Monday, June 6

The castle, the knight and the quilts.... part 2


More scenery and our delicious midafternoon snack :)
The interior...

On the bed a 17th century quilt..
The kitchen is situated in the cellar. There were lots of quiltshops there too!

And what did I take home with me? Some fq in red and green for the new project, quiltingthread, a white on white, a "kit" for a mushroom pincushion and some fq's for DD (she posted them on her own blog).
And last but not least (I promised to post this pic and didn't get any fabric in return this time *lol*):
The robber knight and I enjoying the sun and having a talk about all his evil deeds


  1. Ohhh, I so need to go here and visit! What a marvelous trip!! I hope you told that knight a thing or two!

  2. Great pictures!! I love your outfit and seeing your pretty smiling face :0)


  3. The quilt you fell in love with is MINE!! What a compliment to see you really loving it this much, I am honored! As you can see I altered the quilt a little, to make it my own. And as I wanted it to be a Christmas quilt, I made star blocks in the corner instead of the tulips that were originally planned in the pattern. Furthermore I changed the center block to a block looking just like our new home. We moved in last September and I really wanted to have this quilt ready for our first Christmas in the new home. That did work out, I finished the quilt on December 6, so when all Sinterklaas decorations had been removed I put up my new quilt. Thanks for loving it, if you need anything, just send me an email.
    By the way, are you Dutch or English?

    Suzanne van der Schoot (

  4. i think the knight likes your polka dots .. but he might think the red shoes are a bit risque!

  5. Awesome photos from your 2 posts of the Castle Annemiek!!! Oh I would have loved to be witness to all that was there!! I love looking at castles and all that surrounds it... Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos! 8-)