Sunday, June 5

The castle, the knight and the quilts...part 1

Prepare yourself for an overload of pictures of our day out to the castle of Cannenburgh yesterday!
We had such a great day; excactly as I predicted....lovely weather, good company, beautiful surroundings and fabrics+quilts within reach.
Pity that it wasn't allowed to take pictures IN the castle, not even from the displayed quilts. But...I found some from a few years ago ánd bought postcards.
Last quilt'event' there was 4 or 5 years ago. Since then the castle has been closed for restauration, refurnishing and they restored the parc on the castle grounds. they did a great job for sure!
Okay, here we go!
There was a quilt on the castle wall, a boat with quilted flags in the moat and the robber knight himself invited us to sit down and have a chat. Quiltshops in knightlike tents in the quiltshoplane:)
Lunch and the lunchspot! DD (in her red dress close to the moat with C beside her)

Lots and lots of treats to choose from accompanied the free coffee!!

The views from our lunch spot...and around the castle.

That's it for today...Enough pictures for one post and I don't want to overload Blogger:) More pics of the interior, with and without quilts and... the knight and I..!

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  1. Oh my what a fabulous place!! You will of course show what you bought....right? LOL