Thursday, June 16


While Quilting DD is making lots of progress,  I'm behind struggling.  I had the day off today and since it was perfect piecing weather (rain!) I set myself behind the machine.
I really do not know how you all manage to get pretty perfect points, corners, blocks by machine. I CAN do squares and rectangles but no decent triangles, let alone a complecate pattern like the Home sweet Home pattern, we planned to sew.
I can sew accuratly by hand; by machine nothing seems to fit. I'm irritated by unintentional wonky seams, measuraments that do not add up and chopped off points.
So....I give in. The relatively easy parts, like a border of squares and a log cabin, I'll machine sew. The rest? I'll do it by hand, happy and relaxed. No seamripper needed and all points match.

I am a handpiecer.


  1. As Lotte said, Leuk huis! 8-)

    Ya gotta do what works for you Annemiek! But you know, practice makes perfect, as with anything... It doesn't look so bad!

  2. Moeilijk hè!. Ik krijg het nu langzaam onder knie, maar het tornmesje ligt wel binnen hand bereik. Is dat het patroon van de Quilterij?

  3. handpiecing makes your boat float - i wouldn't even know how to start (well, i suppose i DO know how to thread a needle and knot the end) with hand piecing - and i'm pretty sure that i am too interested in instant-gratification to ever get good at it ... but i admire those of you who DO know how!

  4. I'm with you Annemiek!! No way could I ever get nice points with a sewing machine, I can barely get squares & rectangle to match up. We are what we are and that's hand piecers LOL.

    I'm loving the fabrics you are using :0)


  5. You are too funny! I like the block and the colors too!!