Thursday, June 9


Today I did something I absolutely hate..:I washed a quilt. I'm still traumatised from the last time: DS' Skulls and Bones quilt came out of the washingmachine PINK , in spite of all the precautions and in spite of lots of colourcatchers. 
I got most of the pink out eventually, but it'll never be as "fresh" as when I made this  pic.

This time Baking DD's quilt needed some cleaning. She brought it down from her room because I wanted to draft a new pattern from my house (the middle block)
The new project "Home Sweet Home" is going to be my new and improved  houses-quilt and will get my own home in the middle as well.
DD's quilt was a bit dirty, had a few stains and smelled "dusty". After all, it lived in her room for more than 5 years (!)
I was só relieved it came out of the machine fresh, clean and no bleeding whatsoever!! Good for another 5 years :)

A while back I came home and found Baking DD on the couch, after a apparently tiring day..
Yikes, if this quilt is going to be used, it'll need a wash too someday and I promised myself this one is never ever going to be laundered.
Better to be dirty than to be pink!


  1. Das er een voor de sneeuw! En een van mn lapjes geeft niet meer af...! Ben er al drie dagen mee bezig.... ;-)

  2. Regardless of the resulting "pink" the quilts are lovely. I liked that "Quilting Daughter" runs her fabric under the faucet, much easier to see how nasty the running will be. I'm very lazy, all my quilts go into the washer and dryer, if need be I'll wash it until the runs stop, then I don't have to worry about it again :0)


  3. I think there is a compound you can use when you wash, Synthrapol or something like that. You should Google it and see what you can come up with. It may help you in the future. Look here

  4. AHHHHHH sweet daughter when she is sleeping!!!


  5. they're so sweet when they're sleeping...

  6. If you can get this product -
    throw in one or two sheets with the quilt. It is excellent and really does trap excess dye to prevent bleeding. I've used it on a red and cream quilt made with notorious 'bleeder' fabrics, and it came out of the wash in pristine condition. (No affiliation etc., just a happy quilter).

  7. How wonderful you got the pink out of DS' quilt! Always fun washing a big quilt...Ahem!

    Love Baking DD's quilt! It is wonderful!!! And I supposed it is all hand-pieced/quilted!?!

  8. You crack me up! But I guess I don't blame you for being a little phobic about washing quilts after the pink one. I would really be worried about the beautiful red and white one! Good luck!