Wednesday, September 7

Apronista and guilty list

With summerholidays being over, I had to go to work again. It takes some time to get into the "groove" again. When i get home, I'm wasted. So, no blogging and little time for blogreading. First thing on my "guilty list" I did quilt during the evenings and the Happy Joy is halfway done.
I also sewed. Baking DD was on a market selling her cupcakes and I couldn't go there to see how she was doing. Out of guilt, I made her a new apron
The blue fabric is called "kiss the cook" and has things about food printed on it. While sewing this, I finally finished another apron for Quilting DD, I promised her ages ago. It was on the mannequin, half done, all summer.
I made it reversible and that was the reason it took me so long. The pattern was for a single layer of fabric and I just didn't know how to sew it with 2 layers, So I procastinated, feeding my guilty feeling.. I mailed to her the same day so that was one to cross of the list!
I immediately made nr. 3, just in case I promised some else an apron that I forgot about...
 Furthermore I went to the fav local quiltshop to celebrate it's 10th anniversery. Quilting DD, C and I did an arty farty workshop which was fun and ofcourse I came home with fabrics and a pattern!

Haven't touched it yet, nor finished the scrappy quilt you see in the apron pics background. 2 more project for the guilty list *sigh*
I won't have time the coming weeks either. Baking DD did good on "her" market and there's another one coming up in and from our neighbourhood. This time I'm coming along. I will demonstrate handquilting (omg!) and we are suppoost to sell stuff...
DD will start making cupcakes the day before but I do not plan to sell a quilt! So...I'm making some pincushions, teacozys, a few needlecases and other small, easy to sew stuff. This means that the sewingmachine is on often: I can't go there with 2 items!
I AM having second thoughts, being the insecure me, but I guess I can't get out of it anymore, so we'll see. I'll just keep on breathing!


  1. those aprons are cute, cute, cute!

    and i was GONNA write, "i was WONDERING if you'd forgotten about the apron you promised me!" ...... but that would be a big, fat lie - ha ha ha!

  2. Oh you so can do it! You will have a great time having a stall and selling your goodies. Perhaps you could make a bundle of aprons to sell? You have made a wonderful collection of them already. I think they would be snapped up. Good on you daughter for making cupcakes and selling them. I think we may need some photos of these great stalls next time!

  3. I like the apron(s) but especially love the quilt behind them.... :-)))