Sunday, November 24

5pointed star any size you want!

Thinking about progress on the MidnightATO quilt, I couldn't get "stars" out of my mind. A quilt with such a pretentious title SHOULD have stars! Maybe in the middle block? Anyhow, I started playing and decided on a five point star. How to draw that with no circleruler thing in da house?
Ha, my triangle ruler had circle degrees!
First I put a tapeline from 72 degrees towards the ruler there won't be any mistakes.
 Then, draw a circle (any size you want) on a piece of paper (like cardstock)
 and put a line from the circle edge towards the middle
 Align the triangle 0 (zero) to the middle point , and put the edge of the ruler on the starting line. Mark the 72 degree (where the Arrow is!)
 Draw the second line
Again: 0 in the middle, ruler edge against the second line and mark the 72 degree point
 Repeat untill you have the circle in 5 parts

 Connect the points (dotted lines)
 Cut out and you have a 5 pointed star!
 If you cut the coloured area and add seam allowances ,you have a template for a pieced star.
My math teacher would be so proud...

Now, how will I use this in my quilt? Could use it for Xmas purposes too....

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  1. wait ... what?

    i think that when i need a five pointed star, i will just write to my good friend over at Carpe Quiltem and let her make it for me - ha ha ha!!!