Tuesday, November 19


Me: I told you I needed a portable project, remember?
DH: Mmm
Me: how about this one? It''s called Midnight at the Oasis. Come have a look
DH: (staring at my pc screen) Isn''t that a bit busy?
Me: busy? what y mean ""busy""? Look at the HappyJoy you''re leaning against. Y think that'' one is busy too then??
DH: uhh, no
Me: well it''s a lot "" busier"" than this MATO pic!
what kind of quilt do you actually like?
DH: you want me to choose one of your quilts?
Me: no, just want to no what style you prefer..
my Debbie Mumm/Thimbleberries phase or what i sew now. What you call busy
DH:I will not choose a particular quilt (fearing this conversation can turn against him)
Me: I asked what style, not what quilt
DH: oh no, I will NOT go there!I can''t say..I don''t know. I would say if I think it''s ugly though.
Me: Would you really?
DH: yes
Me: but you don''t like "" busy"" and I''m doing ""busy""
DH: uhh...Look! a new episode of ""the Closer"" Let''s watch!

I guess I went a little overboard (according to some..)with the Midnight so far...
Must say that I''m really enjoying the process so far. I''m sewing the orangepeel applique blocks now. Had to watch lot's of how-to youtube video''s but I think I found a way that suits me and makes sharp points too.


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