Thursday, November 14


It took lots of cutting, trimming and sewing to finish "Hello Handsome".

but today i happily handed it over to it's new owner

DS was pleasantly surprised by the huge skull on the back...
I tried machinequilt the diagonal lines and boy, did I struggle! At one time I even tried to put the quilt and the extensiontable of my machine through the needle!
What I learned is that DH really REALLY needs to make me a proper sewingmachine table. A Husq on the table with an extension will simply not do.
So I have crooked quiltlines, and occasional pleat and some puckers but I also finished bedquilt nr 13.
(perhaps the 13 caused the mishaps..)

BikerSon had no idea I was about to give him a new quilt when I called to ask him to come over.
He thinks "Hello Handsome" is "cool" and will sleep under it tonight and that matters more than wobbly quiltlines.

Note: the pattern idea is from Nancy Downey and I found it in Quilty magazine (without the skulls!)