Sunday, November 17

Back to the future

Every 3 weeks or so, C and I plan an evening of sewing/patching/quilting. We work on whatever project we have on hand and chatter the hours away. Over the years fellowbloggers/quilters told me a was a quilting dinosaur, doing everything by hand and the opinion was that I needed to be kicked into the 21th century. Meaning tossing the old sandpaper templates out, get used to rotarycutting and start using that sewingmachine. Well, with the help of Harriet Hargrave's "Quilter's Academy", I did....

So last time I went to C's , I dragged my Husq along, a small ironingboard, a tiny iron, mat, cutter...the works. And ofcourse I was to be found in my sewingroom at home, sewing franticly to get the Hello Handsome quilt done, instead sitting in the livingroom with DH, watching tv or something.
When C and I got together with a third quilter at her house, I knew I was in trouble: I desparatly needed something to handquilt OR/AND something portable!

Back to the roots! Get a piece of sandpaper to make templates! Find a pattern that's suitable (oh and no hexies that everyone but me is addicted on)

So now i have this
 Piecing tiny parts together and , new to me, doing applique! The pattern is called "Midnight at the Oasis" and should look like this when all done
I know, it'll take forever, but that's okay. I'll see how it goes!

Meanwhile, someone came by boat to the Netherlands (and Belgium)
It's the season of St Nicolaas aka Sinterklaas again! The quilt is up, now let's go shopping for presents:)

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  1. Ik zit een klein beetje te kwijlen bij die quilt. Geweldig! En heerlijk met de hand....Geniet ervan!