Sunday, September 18

..and then there was LIGHT!

DH's bike is broken and he's struggling to fix it. Bad for him, but very good for me :)
No extra's rides means time for chores.
Today he put my new lightrail up. I had a cheapass rail with bad contacts. Every time I wanted to press or iron something, the lights went out or never went on at all. The drill was: calling DH, he went up a chair, did something with a screwdriver and I had light again....for a few minutes. I once got so frustrated that I took a swing with a ruler at it and smashed a lightbulb.
Yesterday I had enough and went to Ikea

Fillerstrips still have to be placed between the lightspots. DH will do that after I decided if the spots are in the right places. I still need to paint the board to cover the rail of my slidingdoor, but I am not into doing chores (I'm the painter in the house..).
Now I have so much light that I added a new notion to my ironing area

Now all i need is someone to kick my butt to get into my sewingroom and actually SEW instead of being a couchpotatoe


  1. Go,go, snel, snel!!
    Goed licht zeg. Dat ga ik snel een keer uitproberen...:-)
    Ik heb namelijk besloten dat mijn home sweet home in het zwart,wit, paars en roze wordt.

  2. Kick, Kick Kick. Can you feel it all the way from the US?? NO? I guess I will have to kick harder. Get your A** into the sewing room and get sewing!!

  3. Horray for better lighting!!
    KICK!! Now get in there girl!!! 8-)