Tuesday, September 20

What's in a name?

My butt was kicked last sunday (thanks Pam) and I tried a tutorial  for a cosmetic bag.
I found this tut a while back but hadn't sewn one yet
 Ofcourse I couldn't stop at one. With the upcoming market in mind I made 3

They are supereasy, quick to make and are fq friendly.
While making these I realized that i have a lot of houndstooth patterns: fabric, a dress, a bag, a watch..! So why not a quilt? I checked some pics online and scribbled on my new drafting block. (hey, I had LIGHT to see tiny lines!!) I think, no I KNOW how to draft the pattern. All I have to do is order some black fabric..
Funny detail is that what's known as "houndstooth"or "dogstooth" is called Pied-de Coq (French for rooster feet) for a bigger pattern and Pied-de-poule (hen's feet) for the smaller. I think I'll go for turkey-feet *lol*


  1. The bags are ADORABLE and you're welcome!! Shouldn't I win a prize or something? LOL!!! The bags are great. I might be tempted to try one even. HA we will see.

  2. Ja heel leuk Annemiek! Hoe groot zijn ze ongeveer?
    Ben overigens ook benieuwd naar het patroon voor de quilt....

  3. Superleuk!
    als je eenmaal die schop onder je dinges hebt gehad, ben je blijkbaar niet meer te stoppen ...! Geweldig licht heeft je ega voor je opgehangen. Geen wonder dat je zo productief bent.

  4. Your Cosmetic Bags are wonderful Annemiek!! I shall have to give that pattern a try also! Thanks for the link! 8-)

    I look forward to what you create with you Turkey-Feet! 8-)