Monday, September 12

Fabric Shack

When i came home from Leiden last saturday, there was a package waiting for me. Fabrics I ordered from the Fabric Shack a while back. Designs I thought were nice to sew another apron or some other kitchenstuff.

When I buy online, I have some fav's and Fabric Shack is absolutely one of them. They have a huge selection of fabrics, prices are mostly a bit lower than in other online shops, they deliver within approx. 10 days overseas, shipping rates to my place are $8 for one envelope and they always aswer emails promptly.

What I love about this store is, that they always add something to your order. I got e.g. a pen at christmas, flowerseeds, an inches to cm chart, a strip of velcro etc.
This time I got a tapemeasure and a very handy chart: quiltsizes and how many-what size blocks you need for a twin/crib/queen ...

 It is for Fabric Shack perhaps a tiny (cheap) thing to add these gifts, but I sure appreciate their efforts a lot!
What did i sew? Well...a teacozy!

If you look closely at my pics you can see that it says 2010. *sigh* Another thing that needs to be adjusted. Perhaps i can figure out how while having a cuppa :)


  1. I've got that blender fabric too! Love your new tea cozy, not to worry about the date, I wouldn't have noticed. Isn't that what kids are for? Mine know so much more about techno stuff then I will ever know. New fabric is so great for kickstarting sewing, perhaps I should buy some.

  2. Love the tea cozy Anne!! 8-)