Monday, September 26

Market day!

Yesterday Baking DD and I took our stall on the neighbourhood market:) Weather was GREAT and market got pretty busy in the early afternoon. This was our spot!
 DD sold LOTS of her cupcakes..

 ..and captivated her audience (the seriouslooking girl with the rose in her hair couldn't keep her eyes off DD :)

I too did good and sold some teacozies, an apron, cosmeticbags, grabbags, needlecases etc. Whenever i had a moment I sat down and quilted. Thát triggered a lot of attention. I worked on the Happy Joy quilt and got a lot of compliments. An elderly man in his 80s kept saying how he lóved the colours in my quilts. He said that his younger sister quilted too, but :"she uses such bóring colours" *lol*
 Lots of ladies told me that they made a quilt once or wanted to make one "later"

I also found that some self-proclaimed quilters were NOT the nicest people. I got cross-examined: who teached you, what group do you belong to, what, where how, with whom??????? They don't know me, I don't have a Dear jane, Farmers Wife, SBS and all those other quilts that everyone sews (no offence to those who love these quilts!)and they can't "label" me. Guess they felt "threatened" (????)
One lady was absolutely sure that my quilts were not handpieced and certainly not handquilted. Impossible, she said, "and I know for I am a quilter"

Luckily there were LOTS of very nice people too. Highlight of the day was the 5year old son of the fav quiltshop's owner. Such a cheerfull, happy little guy that came with his mum to buy cupcakes for his birthday. He gave us smiles that lasted the rest of the day! (and i'm not writing this to please his mum!)


  1. Ziet er heel gezellig uit. Veel verkocht?

  2. Interesting story about your day at the market. People do say the funniest things (even when they don't mean to be funny, LOL)

    Thanks for checking up on me, I so glad you popped by for a visit :)

  3. Oeh, sommige mensen.....Niks van aantrekken. Tenslotte sta jij mooi met een prachtige stand op de markt EN mensen kopen je spullen! Fijn dat je ook wat aardige mensen hebt gezien.

  4. Looks like you had a good day. The weather cooperated and you had some sales. Pay no attention to the jealous biddies posing as the Quilt Police! PAH!

  5. i LOVE those pincushions!!! zero calorie desserts is what they are!!!

    Baking Daughter's cakes and cupcakes are sweet, too - they look good enough to eat - ha ha ha!!!

    don't you just love it when other quilters try to label you and put you on the shelf - right where you belong?!? piffle ... your quilts are gorgeous - you know it, i know it, they know it!

  6. thanks for the lovely words. The cupcakes we bought were nice (of course) and your booth fantastic. Goor PR for quilting

  7. Wat ziet jullie tafel er vrolijk uit. Lijkt me zo leuk om dit samen te doen. Een stalletje met heel veel aantrekkingskracht. Och, die betwetende mutsen neem je toch niet serieus! Willen alleen maar doen alsof ze er iets vanaf weten.

  8. Your market set up looked great! Lots of goodies to sell, baked and stitched! 8-)

    Some quilters are darn right rude. We have them here too!! LOL! Most quilters are awesome people happy to meet other quilters, and share... 8-)