Saturday, September 10


 Today quilting DD and i went to the Dutch Guild's quiltshow in Leiden, near the Hague. We didn't have high expectations, since we were spoiled in Birmingham with stunning quilts and LOTS of quiltshops. We looked at every quilt, had coffee, strolled along the shops and..were done in about 2.5 hours. I'll post some pics of the quilts when the show is closed; that'll be later this week.
The show was in an old church...
Great tombstones!

Luckily Leiden is a very nice town ánd it was market day.
So we hit town, got goodies at the market
and had a great day!

Can't show you more pics; blogger won't play along. So let's save that for a next post..


  1. What an interesting place to hold a quilt show. I'm not sure I would have spent much time looking at quilts with cool stuff like tombstones to look at.
    I wish we had Market Day here....what fun! Oh and I like the goodies that you picked up :)

  2. Terwijl hier een keuken geplaatst wordt kan ik heerlijk wat blogs bij-lezen. Wat heb jij een superleuke zomer gehad. Veel gereisd, veel gedaan en veel gezien. Lucky duck! Je moet onderhand wel ploffen van inspiratie. Ben benieuwd wat we allemaal van jou te zien krijgen komend seizoen.